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How much is the stretch ceiling cost and how can you save on its purchase

Stretch PVC materials, perhaps, ideal for finishing ceilings. The solution is affordable price, easy to clean and maintain, quickly mounted and long-serving. In addition, stretch structures provide a wide scope for design imagination: a lot of textures, colors and individual execution options make such decisions extremely attractive.
How to choose a suitable stretch ceiling and save money on its purchase without compromising quality - we will tell in our article.
Stretch ceilings are characterized by many undeniable advantages, therefore each person is asked by a logical question: how much is the stretch ceiling?
Prices for suspended stretch ceilings are determined by the quality of materials and components.

Why stretch ceilings?

 Our company is pleased to offer you not only high-quality flow structures at an affordable price, but also advantageous terms of installments.

So why stretch ceilings? We recommend that you install such ceiling structures, because they have a huge number of advantages:

Availability. Stretch ceilings are much cheaper than suspended structures or plastering. In this case, you can achieve an excellent result, which is not available to other methods of decoration.

Diversity. Today you can choose glossy, matte, satin and other stretch ceilings, which can be either conventional or multilevel. In addition, we note a huge variety of shades and textures, so you can create the most fantastic design for the interior in any style.

Reliability and durability. PVC liners are highly elastic and durable, they can be used for 25 years or more, while maintaining their original qualities. The film can withstand a huge load (up to 100 kg per m2;), so it is almost not afraid of any mechanical damage (except for sharp objects).

Quick installation. No matter how complicated the suspended ceiling structure, its installation is carried out in the shortest possible time and no stress.
If you decide that the Stretch PVC Ceilings will be the best option for you, then contact us today. With us, you can profitably buy stretch ceilings.

What is included in the price of a stretch ceiling on a turn-key basis?

  • The price of the material . What the cost depends on, we will discuss further.
  • The price of installation of stretch ceilings, depending on the complexity of work.
  • The price of consumables.

Now let us examine in detail what parameters can influence the price of the canvas and the final cost of the work.

The cost of installation by installers and manufacturers of stretch ceilings is calculated taking into account the following factors:

  • Total volume and Geometry of premises

With an increase in the number of angles and a change in the geometry of the room (for example, planning an alcove), the cost will increase proportionally. Geometry of the room: the presence of curved lines and irregularities;

  • Decorative nature of the surface coating (Type of material )

Matte PVC, Satin PVC sheets, Glossy ceilings. Color printings and ceilings with photo printing.

  • Ceiling area

Naturally, the larger the area of ​​the room, the lover the price of stretch ceilings per sq.m. The cost of works at the same time is at least the cost of all used materials, and when carrying out a complex installation can significantly increase.

  • Width of the material used;

Features of the design: two-level, the presence of depressions and projections, the nature of the organization of lighting, the presence of combinations of materials, paintings of different textures, types of coating and colors

  • The cost of additional installation works

​Lights, AC, alarms, speakers supports installation.

  • Brand manufacturer and installer company

The best are the materials produced by France and Germany. Our company has been working on the market for many years and has received many positive reviews, it has the right to ask for a qualitative work of the corresponding value.

  • Design Idea

An interior design can affect the final cost of a turnkey ceiling like nothing else. Do you want to make a two-level ceiling? You will have to multiply the costs by 1.5. Need more fixtures? Also, prepare for additional costs, and it does not matter what you need to establish: a large chandelier or spot - the price is the same.

When choosing the color and texture of the ceiling, you can stay on an individual design - the photo print or the original drawing. There are ready-made paintings with the effect of "metallic" or "starry sky": with competent illumination they look amazing. But for all these delicacies will also have to pay a certain amount.

From all of the above, you can get the impression that the prices for installing ceilings are prohibitive and can be changed at the will of the designer or installer. However, this is not quite so: if you want, you can more or less accurately calculate the cost of the ceiling.

Get all the necessary information about the proposed company's options for ceiling design can be in the Photo Gallery.

When choosing a stretch ceiling, first of all, you, for sure, pay attention to its appearance. How it will be in shape, whether it will be combined with other elements of the interior, or vice versa; will become its basis and set the direction for the rest of the design? Undoubtedly, this is a very important stage.

However, having determined the type of stretch ceiling, it is necessary to calculate its cost. For most of us, after choosing a design, price is the second most important issue. And there are several basic elements that affect the price of the stretch ceiling.

Why choose stretch ceilings in our company

It's reliable
The company Imperial more than 12 years produces stretch ceilings of imported materials of the highest quality. At the same time, being one of the leaders of the Belarusian market, we strictly follow not only the quality of products, but also the high level of services provided. This has already convinced more than 50,000 families. We provide a guarantee of 10 years and perpetual service maintenance of our stretch ceilings.

It's comfortable
From the moment of measurement to the installation of tension ceilings, it usually takes 1-3 days. We carefully monitor the deadlines and ensure their observance. Our assembly brigades use professional equipment that will ensure accurate installation of the stretch ceiling without dirt and construction debris.

It's profitable
We are a manufacturer of stretch ceilings, and our own production; these are honest prices and short terms for our customers. In addition, we regularly hold various promotions, which make it possible to order a stretch ceiling with its greater benefit for you.


You can get a detailed calculation of the price of your ceiling. To do this, you just need to CONTACT OUR COPMPANY or take advantage of sending as inquiry on our email . Our team will arive with all the samples and at a convenient time for you. After the measurement of the room and inspection of its technical features, the team will make a calculation of the exact cost of the your stretch ceiling.