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Double Vision Stretch Ceiling in Dubai

The novelty in the stretch ceiling market is Double Vision ceiling technology. We manufacture and install exclusive stretch ceilings with hidden photo printing for every taste.

Our company always follows the latest developments in the field of stretch ceilings to offer its customers the most original and stylish options for finishing the ceiling space. This year, our manufacture started the production of unique ceilings with the effect of Double Vision. Buy ready-to-install the canvas or order this unusual design with the installation you can by filling out the online form on our website.


Double Vision - ceilings with unusual photo printing, which manifests itself when the backlight is turned on. To achieve this effect, the pattern is applied from the wrong side of a white PVC film with a matte texture. Behind the canvas is installed a plastic panel with a LED tape attached to it.

Double Vision ceilings are manufactured in the following variants:

  1. Ceiling with two-sided photo printing. This solution involves drawing a drawing on both sides of the canvas and allows you to create an amazing ceiling design with a changing pattern. You can see the image on the front side at any time of the day. Photoprinting applied to the back side will show up on the surface after you turn on the backlight located on the base ceiling. This option looks very unusual, bringing to the interior a note of mystery and fairy-tale.
  2. Hidden one-sided photo printing. In this version, the pattern is applied only on the reverse side. By turning on the LED-illumination, you can see the hiding figure on a perfectly flat white ceiling.

The cost of Double Vision ceilings depends on the area of ​​the room, the complexity of the structure and a number of other factors. For an accurate calculation, you need to call a specialist object.



Technology Capabilities

Double Vision technology provides unique design possibilities, allowing profitable transformation of the interior, making the ceiling its "highlight" and the main decorative element. Such designs have a wide list of advantages.

  • With their help, it's easy to create a unique ceiling space, the appearance of which can be changed simply by turning on the backlight.
  • It can be decorated with different images and pictures. You can choose a drawing for front and back prints on our website or from a special catalog. Also you can provide your own photos or high quality images.
  • This design allows you to implement various light scenarios and change the overall atmosphere of the room.
  • Technology can be combined with other versions of tensioning structures.
  • Such a decorative ceiling can be used for zoning space and highlighting the required interior items.
  • Stylish and fashionable ceilings with hidden or two-sided photo printing are ideal for commercial, residential and office interiors, and allow them to give them a unique appearance.


Our company offers to buy Double Vision ceilings with installation and without. To dealers and masters planning independent installation of the structure, we offer all the necessary materials and components for the project. You only need to perform a measurement and choose an image suitable for the interior. In accordance with your design, we will produce a photo-printed canvas and LED-panel.

For customers ordering Double Vision ceilings with installation, we offer the best prices, prompt installation and high quality work.


Make an order for the design with the effect of Double Vision, to turn your interior into a real masterpiece, who wants to admire again and again!