Stretch Ceiling Design in Hallway

Stretch ceilings in the corridor 

The entrance hall is the hallmark of any room. It is she who creates the first impression of a house or a city apartment. On the hall judge the prosperity of the owner, his lifestyle, personality characteristics. That is why the design of the hallway should be given special attention. Using suspended ceilings in this room, you can demonstrate your desire to choose modern, stylish solutions. In addition, these designs allow you to correct numerous shortcomings of space, visually expand it, make it more comfortable. At the same time you do not have to overpay!

Stretch ceilings in the hallway: correcting disadvantages

Usually, hallways have 2 disadvantage :

  • small area;
  • poor illumination.

Eliminate them is not difficult. Transform the space will help glossy stretch ceilings of light tones. They not only expand the space visually, but also fill it with light. A special texture of the surface creates a mirror effect. Reflecting in it, objects seem less large, and the space itself is more voluminous.

In order to balance the proportions with long corridors, you can always place ceilings below. This will create a sense of harmony of space.


Stretch ceilings in the hallway: an amazing variety of design solutions and other advantages

Stretch ceilings are attracted by the fact that they provide huge opportunities for choosing colors and textures. You order not only glossy, but also matte paintings, products with a picture, printed photo print. Also you will be offered and various color solutions: from gentle pastel tones to luxurious rich colors.


If necessary, you can create soft transitions between the living room and the hallway, other rooms in the house. For this, multilevel structures are usually used. They not only support the basic design, but also create the feeling of a single, stylistically harmonious space.

Properly placing the fixtures, you can achieve a sufficient level of illumination, even in the darkest hallways and corridors.

Thus, stretch ceilings are the best option for the most important spaces in the house. With their help you will form harmonious, stylish, attractive rooms. The stretch ceilings themselves will not cause any complaints. They will last a long period of time without losing their properties.