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Floating stretch ceilings - what is it?

In order to understand what this innovation is - floating stretch ceilings, it is necessary to understand its design. Canvas floating ceiling differs from other known stretch ceilings, and has a different mounting scheme. To create a floating effect around the perimeter between the wall and the ceiling, there should be a small gap in which the backlight will be installed. It can be both daylight and multi-colored lights. Thanks to this arrangement of the ceiling system, the rays of light will separate the ceiling from the wall, just creating the effect of its soaring in zero gravity.

Its undeniable advantages, in addition to the feeling of soaring, are:

  • The visual feeling of being in a streamlined room, this effect is created due to a small masking of right angles with rays of light.
  • Visually expanding space.
  • The soaring ceiling can be made in different colors, this also applies to the backlight, which can be impulsively delivered, giving a sense of celebration to people in it.
  • Canvas soaring ceiling does not have to be monotonous, you can use photo printing. Incredible sensations will give you a ceiling soaring in the air with the image of a starry sky. Many followers of the classic style or more relaxed design decisions change their point of view when they see a chic effect of the soaring ceiling.
  • Floating ceilings can be of any shape, using curved structures, which will help to translate into reality many of the most original ideas.
  • The use of LED backlighting saves money on lighting.
  • Installation of soaring ceilings is made quite easily and quickly.
  • In comparison with other types of stretch ceilings, the cost of a soaring ceiling is quite affordable.

General characteristics and types of structures

Anyone who saw a photo or a live room with such a ceiling cover could not take his eyes off it. The usual stretch ceiling already surprises nobody, but soaring is an innovation. In contrast to the classic, it is not on the entire area of ​​the room. Between the edge of the first level of coverage and the wall is left a gap, which is highlighted by LED tape.

For the construction of such structures, you can use either sheets of drywall, or a special stretch fabric. Both of these options have certain specific features that need to be considered when performing work.

In addition to shapes and different colors, such floating surfaces may differ in the number of levels. In general, there are three types:

  • single level;
  • two levels;
  • multilevel.

The first option is the simplest: the ceiling is installed on a single plane. It can be made of drywall or tension (instead of sheets of drywall used a special fabric or film).

The two-level floating coating is made according to the following scheme: first, the primary frame is constructed, and the second level is mounted on it. Accordingly, the multilevel type is also established, the only difference is in the used fasteners. Such ceilings, if they are installed correctly, will surprise, and also create a unique atmosphere in your room.

The advantages of floating suspended ceilings

In addition to its beautiful appearance, this ceiling has the following advantages over other types:

  • With this design solution, you can lubricate sharp and right angles;
  • the room space becomes visually larger (this is especially noticeable in the photo of the premises with the backlight on);
  • When installing tension coverings, you can use different color solutions both in choosing the design of the structure itself and in choosing the light: you can take plots of various shades, use color prints (the ceiling with the light and the image of the starry sky is especially popular);
  • a variety of forms which will allow to embody the most courageous ideas;
  • LED lighting will save a little on the consumption of electrical energy when illuminating the room;
  • easy installation process, which can be easily mastered by a person who first started installing ceilings;
  • compared to other types of ceiling, soaring is quite affordable from a financial point of view.

Among the shortcomings it can be noted that such a work of art will not look good in every room. For small (for example, kitchens) rooms, it is better to choose another type, which would allow to visually enlarge the space.

Where is used?

The area of ​​use of soaring stretch ceilings in St. Petersburg simply has no boundaries. They are successfully used for finishing the ceiling surface and in new apartments, and during the restoration of old housing. This effect stretch ceiling fans will appreciate the ultra-modern style. Design of this kind is very common in other interiors. Floating  stretch ceiling looks very attractive in clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping centers.
You can designate several style directions, where the floating ceiling will look particularly advantageous:
  • minimalism;
  • avant-garde;
  • techno;
  • high tech;
  • eclectic;
  • constructivism.

Application in the interior

It is difficult to find a more original and unusual design than the soaring ceiling. A variety of color palette tension paintings and variations of light design give limitless possibilities to designers in terms of interior design. In the design it is permissible to use any canvases and various colors, photo printing and painting.
With the help of the profile, it is possible to smooth right angles, to make the configuration of the room more streamlined. The soaring stretch ceiling can be made completely curved or multi-level, add decorative elements that will decorate the structure, "Air" designs can be created in the form of several levels. So there will be an illusion that each of the levels seems to be floating in the air and not connected with the others. To enhance the effect of weightlessness of each level, you can use diodes of different colors.
Very expressive "air" designs look together with the tension walls, decorated with photo printing. Sea inhabitants on a canvas of blue or blue, resembling the depths of the sea, look incredibly realistic and amaze with their beauty.
Excellent effect can be achieved with a combination of the soaring ceiling with plasterboard structures. With the help of gypsum cardboard, you can create a variety of forms (waves, zigzags, bends), into which the floating ceiling will effectively fit.

Installation of floating suspended ceilings

Before you begin installation work, you must:
  • ake careful measurements,
  • design frame
  • based on all data, procure the necessary materials.
Then, markup is performed to create the most even horizontal surface of the stretch ceiling:
1. The distance between the main surface of the ceiling and the tensioning structure is from 10 to 15 cm;
2. on the mark-up, drill holes with a perforator;
3. Next, the profile is established, on the basis of which the batten system is constructed;
4. the lathing, in turn, is manufactured using special suspensions in order to create a floating structure;
5. after the construction of the frame should proceed to the wiring to create lighting, without which there will not be the desired effect of soaring;
6. then plasterboard is installed on the frame, which, after finishing the plating, will need to be puttied and primed,
7. Further, the surface is covered with wallpaper or painted, in accordance with the design of the soaring ceiling;
8. The final stage will be the installation of a stretch ceiling on the frame.

Illumination - the main element

If you plan to ceiling with lights, LED strip is required. Nobody forbids to make a floating ceiling without lighting. But in this case it will not produce such a stunning effect.
The main highlight is that the LED strip is installed with the profile with a certain angle in the case of drywall. Due to this, the light is distributed evenly and does not create sharp transitions.
Here a profile is used, which is equipped with a translucent material insert with a translation layer. Its main function is to soften the luminous flux and pass light rays by only 90%. In the case of soaring tension structures, the LED strip is placed in the space between the wall and the ceiling.
Everyone will like the ability to adjust the brightness of the glow or the ability to choose a color. Using a special remote for the LED strip, you can choose the brightness, colors, activate the blinking mode, which will be useful during festivals and celebrations.

Tension and suspension structures, with or without lighting, are not such a rarity. But hovering is still a wonder. But to build them quite simply and without any special tools. You only need to perform the correct measurements and follow the installation instructions.

Lighting variations

The main lighting element for floating ceilings is an LED strip that can be a source of both main and additional lighting. For small rooms, such as a corridor, it is quite enough, but if you wish, you can add separate wall or spotlights, reinforced in the canvas (photos of soaring stretch ceilings are easy to find on the Internet). This combination of lighting devices is also suitable for creating a decor for a bedroom where no bright light is needed.

For a living room or rooms of considerable size, in addition to lighting, it is rational to use a chandelier placed in the center, panel lighting or built-in lights. Lights can replace natural light in rooms with no windows. Control is carried out either by using an ordinary switch or a remote device. The cozy glow of the soaring stretch ceiling can be a nightlight for the baby. For the design of a child it is good to use not a monochrome canvas, but a ceiling with a photo printing. As a picture fit funny animals or favorite fairy-tale characters of the baby. Look good in the interior design in the style of a starry, cosmic or cloudy sky.

LED strips can not emit stray light, and create the effect of a moving wave or pulsation, which will be relevant when holding a holiday or a party.

Tapes are sold with a different number of LEDs per item footage. Choosing the tape with a large number of LEDs (140-200), you can achieve the desired brightness of the backlight. Conversely, ribbons with a small number of LEDs (30-60) allow you to get dimmed lighting and create a quiet romantic atmosphere in the room.
With the help of RGB tapes it is possible to achieve a different color of illumination. In the mood you can turn on blue, yellow, red light (from 4 to 20 options) and thus change the atmosphere in the room.


The color scheme of the floating structure can be different (photos of examples of interiors are easy to find on the Internet). There are several indicative points to rely on:

For spacious rooms, it is not at all necessary to select a tone for the soaring ceiling that fully coincides with the coloring of the interior design of the entire room. The ceiling can be made contrast, so it will turn out to make a good color accent.
The textured surface of the material can absolutely anyone. Looks good gloss or satin, matte canvases are great for finishing. Connoisseurs of exclusive interior decoration will like photo printing or painting.
When choosing building materials for the ceiling, it is better to use 2-3 colors. Excessive number of shades will not be easy to combine with each other.

In small rooms it is good to use glossy canvas. They visually enlarge the room. The floating design in this case will create an effect of infinity ceiling.

Dark shades should not be used, especially black, brown, gray and blue. Dark shades will "crush" and cause discomfort.

The price for floating stretch ceilings

The cost per 1 meter of floating stretch ceilings and floating lines starts from 200 AED . This price also includes a special profile for the floating ceiling and LED strip. What glossy stretch ceilings are, read on our website.

Where to buy floating ceilings?

Where to buy Floating Stretch Ceiling in Dubai:

Conctact our company for information or assistance on our contacts or emails or on our website .

Let's sum up

The appearance of floating structures made it possible to realize the most intricate design ideas, and bring the stretch ceilings to a fundamentally new level. Thanks to a simple but very curious design, it is possible to mask all the imperfections of the draft ceiling and to work with the visual perception of the room. A soaring stretch ceiling is a real find for designers and fans of impressive design.