Stretch Ceiling in Office

Stretch ceilings in the office

Any office is not only the workplace of dozens, but sometimes hundreds of employees. Contracts are formalized here, new relationships are established with business partners, clients are accepted. Just entering the room, you can understand how serious the company is. That is why it is very important to think over the design of the office to the smallest detail. Ceilings play in the interior is not the last role. They largely determine the visual size of space, its stylistics.

Using stretch ceilings, you can always emphasize the modern approach to work, following the current trends, create the desired atmosphere.

Stretch ceilings in the office: the main advantages

Modern materials used in the creation of stretch ceilings, have a lot of advantages. Among them:

  • long service life, exceeding 20 years;
  • simplicity of care of surfaces;
  • resistance to numerous impacts and long-term preservation of the original species;
  • Possibilities for masking all possible flaws in the base ceiling;
  • ideal smoothness;
  • simplicity of installation and short terms of works;
  • optimum cost.

Arranging the ceiling does not take you weeks and months. All the work is done in a few hours, even in the largest rooms. After the end of the installation there is no construction debris left, so you do not have to invite cleaning companies specialists.

It is also important that stretch ceilings provide a wide scope for creativity. With their help you can realize almost all your wishes.

Stretch ceilings for every office space: an unlimited number of solutions

Choosing the color, texture of the ceiling is very important to pay attention to the features of the room in which it will be located.

  • Matte ceilings of pastel colors look best where negotiations, meetings are held and nothing should be distracting from work.
  • It is better to allocate a reception area as brightly as possible. Expressive forms, intense colors, and interesting textures are also welcome here. An effective addition to such a zone will be the company logo, applied by the method of photo printing. Multi-level, beveled ceilings, cones, arches are perfectly complemented by interesting illumination.
  • The office of the head must be emphasized-strict and consistent in a single style. The optimal solution will be clarity of shapes and simplicity of lines.
  • In the conference halls, it is best to emphasize the corporate style of the company. It will unite personnel, will promote motivation, demonstration of firm corporate spirit.

Stretch ceilings have all the capabilities to implement these and many other solutions. Making a choice in their favor, you invariably get quality, stylish, modern, durable surfaces.