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Translucent Stretch Ceiling

What are Translucent Stretch Ceiling ?

Light ceiling solution in the interior.
LED illumination of the ceiling and other elements of the interior is a fashionable trend in the design of the premises today. These design ideas will best enable the implementation of LED gratings.
Evenly luminous stretch ceiling - a modern lighting solution in a private interior. LED ceiling tension light creates the effect of natural light. The room as if there is absolutely no ceiling, and there is a pleasant atmosphere of lighting, as in light cloudiness in the summer. Light does not cut eyes, there are no sharp shadows and blind glare.
Evenly luminous ceiling is well suited for small rooms, such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, hallways or corridors, and for living rooms, bedrooms, offices.
The brightness of the light ceiling can be adjusted to a wide range, which allows you to set an atmosphere that matches the mood.
Also, modern light ceilings allow creating high-quality uniform lighting with the effect of daylight in any premises, whether it is a public area of ​​an office, a cafe, a restaurant, a shopping center or a private area for a cozy chat.
For an advertising photo of cars professional photo studios create special lighting conditions using lighting equipment. Light ceiling can create similar conditions directly in the interior of the showroom.

stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai

The impressive effect that light ceilings produce will not leave anyone indifferent. This is still a rare solution in the modern world, but with complete certainty it can be said that the concept of light ceilings is the design of the future. At the same time, such lighting is perfectly combined with classical forms and even earlier styles in architecture and design.
Light ceilings are ideal for highlighting all the advantages of your interior.

Scientists have proved that the use of uniform illumination of the room has a beneficial effect on the health and psychological state of a person.


Type of Translucent stretch ceiling: 

Advantages of Translucent Stretch Ceilings :

The main advantage of such ceilings is their unique texture. For the installation of the construction a special sheet is used - "translucent". It is more transparent in comparison with a conventional film or fabric, which allows to transmit and scatter light. This material belongs to the category of vinyl ceilings and has the following advantages:

  • Long service life.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Protection against flooding by neighbors.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Spectacular interior design;
  • Uniform illumination of the whole room;
  • Freedom to implement design ideas based on any complex forms;
  • Large selection of shades of light;
  • Effective sound insulation;
  • Energy saving;
  • Fire safety.

translucent stretch ceiling light dubai​  translucent stretch ceiling light dubai  translucent stretch ceiling light dubai

Also, the material does not absorb odors and impurities. Thus, it is possible to use a stretched ceiling with illumination even in the interior of the kitchen, bathroom or pool.

Under the canvas, light sources are installed, as a rule, these are LED strips. Next, the ceiling itself is mounted. This design creates a stunning visual effect: light, passing through a translucent film, gently dissipates throughout the room.
Light stretch ceilings in an apartment or office, living room or restaurant will attract the attention of guests and underline the basic idea of ​​interior composition.

translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai

Application of Translucent Stretch Ceiling :

Stretch light  ceiling designs have proven themselves in various areas:


  • Apartments, penthouses, Homes and lofts
  • Offices, reception, work areas
  • Medical and Health Institutions
  • Car showrooms and Moto Salons
  • Sport halls and Gyms 
  • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars
  • Hotels and Motels

translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai

Stretch Ceiling Design :

The design of rooms is constantly evolving. New technologies are being applied that make it possible to realize truly unique ideas. Light stretch ceilings are constructions created using a translucent PVC. At the same time, this type of decoration serves as a decoration of the interior and its functional component.

  • possibility to create an individual interior;
  • possibility to increase space;
  • the opportunity to abandon the standard lighting and chandelier in the middle of the room;
  • the ability to create soft, diffuse lighting and contrasting clear;
  • the ability to create a highlight of different colors and a game of color;
  • the ability to create a soaring effect and "Starry Sky";
  • simple in care - you can do wet cleaning;
  • if you select a suspended ceiling type, then you can always replace any panel without dismantling the entire structure.

translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai

Stretch Ceiling material

To create such a design, you can use different types of stretched material. The main differences are in its color and degree of transparency. The darker the color, the less the degree of transparency. The highest rate of light output will be at the white cloth, and the dimest will be a brown tint.

Very important is what the design will be used for. If it is intended only as an ornamental decoration, then any color of the coating can be used. However, if the ceiling should act as a main lighting or a light window is created in the ceiling, it is better to use a white material .


Translucent Stretch Ceiling  Installation :

How to install a stretch ceiling ? This is often question asked in our company . Here we share with you installation steps. 

Installation of a stretch ceiling usually takes a little time - most often specialists need several hours to carry out these works. Usually the sequence of actions of installers consists of five key stages, each of which we will tell in detail:

Using the laser level, experts make a marking of the ceiling, namely make marks on the walls along the perimeter of the room. Then the points are connected to each other, forming a line along which the baguette will be installed (a special fastener where the pvc is wound up). At the same stage, the technician are determined on what height from the slab ceiling slab should be lowered. Depending on the type of luminaires to be installed and height differences of the home ceiling, this parameter can vary from 2 to 10 cm, but usually the ceiling is lowered by about 5 cm.

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On the marked line in the wall holes are drilled about 10 centimeters from each other, after which they are clogged with dowels. In the place where the baguette joint will be located, the step is made less - up to 2-4 cm. Then, with the help of screws, the baguette is fixed to the wall, not allowing the joint to fall on the corner, since during installation of the web, the tension force is large enough and the harpoon can not resist in this place. Thus, when installing the baguette in the corner, it bends at an angle of 90 degrees.

It should be noted that most often the installation of a ceiling made of PVC film is carried out by the harpoon method, when the web is stretched on the profile already fixed on the wall. The main advantage of this method of fastening is that, if necessary, the dismantling and re-installation of the canvas will not be difficult.

However, sometimes a staggering method is used, in which the web is fixed in the profile. And although this method is somewhat cheaper, its main drawback is the impossibility of reusing the ceiling. As a consequence, this technology is used less and less.

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Before carrying out the work on stretching the canvas on the baguette, it is necessary to determine the places in which the fixtures will be installed, and to mount the installation parts. In addition, all electrical wires must be neatly laid in the cable ducts or corrugated hose and attached to the ceiling.

translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai

After the completion of the previous stages of work, the room is prepared: the air is warmed up to 40 degrees. It is this temperature that is optimal for the installation of a stretch ceiling. The canvas itself is heated separately (up to 60-70 degrees) with the help of a construction hair dryer or a heat gun. Thanks to this PVC film becomes elastic, easily stretches and is easily attached to the baguette.

Initially, the film must be suspended in two opposite corners of the room (diagonally), then fixed in the two remaining corners. When the canvas is fixed at the corners, it is attracted to the profile in the middle of each wall, and then pulled on the remaining sections. The fixing process is that the film is pushed into the groove of the profile by a spatula, fixing it firmly in it.

After the end of installation and uniform stretching of the film, the master installs a decorative skirting that hides the fasteners and the gap between the wall and the ceiling.

  translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai

After the PVC film has finally stretched and cooled, special thermo rings are glued in the places of the planned installation of the luminaires. Then inside each thermo ring a hole is cut out, to which electrical wires are output, and the luminaire is mounted.

translucent stretch ceiling light dubai       translucent stretch ceiling light dubai

Translucent Stretch Ceiling Specification .

Light suspended ceilings without the usual fixtures are mounted using an LED strip. It is installed directly on the concrete base and connected to the network. By means of tapes it is possible to create light lines on the tension ceiling of various shapes. Also, LED lighting can be continuous.
When installing such structures, you can also use fluorescent lamps. But their installation is more complicated, since it involves the installation of several instruments and their integration into one system.
When designing a future ceiling project, you can combine different combinations of light devices of different colors. The design allows creating "light windows", which are used as a primary or additional light source

translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai   translucent stretch ceiling light dubai

Of considerable importance is the color of the material. Typically, for the "ceiling-lamp" is used the canvas in light colors, because dark colors let less light. But, if the design is used as a decorative element, and not the main source of illumination, the use of a dark canvas is acceptable.

Stretch Ceiling installation tools & equipment :

  • ​Laser tape measure or range finder
  • Heat gun
  • Hammer drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Laser level
  • Gas container
  • Construction Roulette
  • Suspensions for suspended ceilings
  • Shoulder blades
  • Special tools
  • Folding ladder, scaffolding 

5 reasons to order Translucent Stretch Ceiling in our company

You liked and you would like to buy them, but do not know where it can be done on favorable terms? Please contact our company for assistance.

Cooperation with us has 5 obvious advantages:

  1. We sell only high-quality materials for walls and ceilings of which have a lot of advantages - they are beautiful, durable, immune to various influences, safe, eco-friendly, and so on;
  2. Having visited the "Catalog" on our website, you can at any time be able to order the goods you like by contacting managers by phone);
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  5. Every employee of the "IMPERIAL CEILING " company is a true professional in his field. We will help you choose the products that meet the requirements, and we will quickly install them.

Stretch Ceiling Where to buy?

This is nothing complicated, just choose the right type and quantity of materials. However, when working with clients, we always follow several rules:

  • Measurement of the ceiling .If you stopped at some particular kind of material , but you still have doubts, we can prepare a design project, linked to a specific room, to clearly demonstrate how the ceiling will look on the spot. And advise something else to make the choice right and most accurately meet the overall design concept
  • When choosing a stretch ceiling, we never put the main criterion of its price, sometimes the material with a lower cost can look more advantageous in the calculations, we take into account all the nuances, without exception, in order to complete the order most fully. Buying a stretch ceiling without installation in our company, you can be sure that during the installation you do not have to buy something urgently, or there will be surpluses for which money is paid

Therefore, it will be logical to place an order in our company!

How much does a Translucent Stretch Ceiling  cost ?

Before answer the question of what kind of stretch ceiling to choose, it's worth to estimate the cost of the structure. It will depend on the following factors:
• Area of the room.
• The type and number of lighting devices and openings .
• Necessity of implementing a pipe loop.
• The material and structural features of the walls.
• Type of fabrics.
In most cases, the price of light stretch ceiling with installation is from 350 dhs per square meter. The final cost will be known after measuring and making detailed estimates.

How to Clean a Stretch Ceiling 

  • Use only the softest napkins and brushes.
  • Remove all jewelry from hand, otherwise even the smallest stone or curl in the ring can inflict irreparable harm on the ceiling.
  • Only soft, non-abrasive cleaners. Preferably, the spray is perfect for washing windows with ammonia.
  • Acetone is gone! It can spoil the film, and for your health it is harmful. PVC film can react in the most unpredictable way to chemicals - change color or discolor, soften, deform into wrinkles. So carefully read the package of the product and then at home we test it in a secluded place, applying a small droplet.
  • Wash the stretch ceilings very carefully, without pressing, gently, like the baby's skin. And, of course, you can not use a mop or fanatically rub it to a loss of heart rate.
  • Study the instructions of the ceiling manufacturer. However, some manufacturers allow cleaning the film with a vacuum cleaner, but we do not recommend doing this unless you are sure that the ceiling is fixed very reliably.


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