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Glossy Stretch Ceiling


Glossy stretch ceilings are made of PVC film, which is represented by a rich range of hues from snow white to pure black. Glossy stretch ceilings have a mirror effect, which is more pronounced in dark color, and in the ceilings of light shades the reflection is smaller.

The color of the ceiling should be chosen for a particular room, you need to take into account that the larger the area you want to tighten the stretch ceiling, the lighter you need to choose a shade.


Benefits of glossy stretch ceiling 

Before you go for a choice of stretch ceiling, you need to learn the advantages of this finishing material.

  • Hides the shortcomings of the main ceiling (irregularities, defects and wiring);
  • Service life more than 10 years;
  • Easy to clean and unpretentious;
  • They hide a peeling whitewash;
  • Do not accumulate electricity;
  • Attractive smooth appearance;
  • Are not afraid of high humidity, so they are suitable for installation in the kitchen, in the bathroom;
  • Contribute to the preservation of heat in the room;
  • Do not hide a lot of space (from the ceiling to the canvas, a minimum distance of 2 cm).


Application features of glossy stretch ceiling

It should be understood that before you is not just plaster and not even wallpaper. Mounting stretch ceilings is not an easy task. In addition, if PVC films are used, then you will need to separately locate the heat gun. Some say that you can do with a household hairdryer. This is not true. And the acquisition of this tool is a serious financial expense.

The following features of installation and application of stretch ceilings can be distinguished:

  • Glossy surface, made in different colors, will achieve the desired result. For example, a white glossy stretch ceiling will make the room light, bright, saturated, and dark blue will provide a night sky effect, marine themes and so on.
  • Now glossy canvases are used mainly in public institutions, but are also popular among residents of ordinary apartments.
  • It is not necessary to use only gloss. Combine it with matt canvases, create two-level ceilings. This is the current trend in our time.
  • Installation is quite simple. However, the lack of experience and skills in this case only indicates that it is by no means worthwhile to contact the tension glossy ceilings yourself.
  • Address to professionals. They have experience, qualifications, but, most importantly, an indispensable tool.


Types of stretch ceilings by design

All ceilings are fixed to the walls using a special profile mounted to the walls. The canvas is inserted into it and fastened by harpoon or bezarpunnym methods.

One-level glossy stretch ceiling

Glossy single-level stretch ceilings require the least expenditure of material, time and money. They serve for a long time, simple to care for, are represented in a wide choice of design and color scheme. They look good on photo printing. The combination of colors in the interior divides the room into functional areas.


Multilevel glossy stretch ceiling

Glossy multi-level stretch ceilings are attached to the plasterboard construction, which allows you to make several levels. They are well hidden communications, you can provide good lighting in the work area, in addition, they beautifully decorate the interior. The second level can be a simple geometric shape (semicircle, circle, "P", rectangle, ellipse).


Glossy stretch ceiling with Art Print

Glossy paintings with a pattern can be selected individually. It can be a photo or a fairy-tale character, a pattern, a reproduction of a picture. This ceiling should be in harmony with the overall design of the room.


Lighting on glossy stretch ceiling

Lighting plays an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere and productive work. When choosing a chandelier, you need to take into account that the power should not be more than 50 kW, the chandelier design should not be very hot, the ceiling should not be directed to the canvas, sharp parts of the lighting device can tear the ceiling. It is better to pay attention to spotlights, hanging chandeliers for central lighting, LED lighting.


Color selection

Colored glossy stretch ceilings are considered the most popular, since they make the accent indoors. It can be both bright and classic pastel shades.

White glossy stretch ceiling creates a sense of purity and spaciousness. Suitable for small rooms and rooms without good daylight. White can be taken as the main one, which will be diluted with another shade or combination on the second level.


Black shades can be used in spacious bright halls and office. It is better to confine yourself to a small glossy insert on the background of a red or white ceiling.


Beige tone will create a neutral look and fit for any style. Everything will depend on the textiles and furnishing of the interior.

Gray glossy stretch ceiling in light colors will be well combined with white walls, masonry and wooden floors. Gray will be in harmony with pink and white in interior items.

Brown glossy coffee-colored stretch ceiling will add comfort to the living room. It is suitable for classical style and modern interior. Universal color, as well as beige. It can be combined with white and sand tones to create zones.

Red may look out of place in an apartment with small rooms, and red glossy inserts on a white background will create a bright accent in the minimalist living room. Deep red velvet shades will be appropriate only in wide living rooms with large windows.

Blue shades are associated with clouds and the sea. Suitable for a themed bedroom, a children's boy, a Mediterranean style kitchen and a bathroom

Green color relaxes and gives peace. This is a good solution for finishing the bedroom and hall ceiling. Bright green will add a feeling of summer and energy together with yellow curtains and a rug.


Glossy stretch ceiling in Living room

Glossy stretch ceiling in the living room can be done in any color as it allows the functionality of the room, its dimensions and overall style. It is best to choose a two-level design that will allow you to combine two colors (both similar in color and contrast) and divide the living room into the reception area and the desktop area.


Glossy stretch ceiling in Kitchen

Glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen will zonate space and illuminate the work surface. He can be not afraid to use to decorate the kitchen, because he is not afraid of moisture and fumes, does not attract dirt to himself. In addition, it is easy to take care of (if there are splashes or greasy stains, then it is enough to wipe them with a cloth with a detergent without a strong impact).


Glossy stretch ceiling in Bedroom

The glossy stretch ceiling in the bedroom can be of any shape. This is a room where you can show imagination in the design, but if the stretch ceiling is luxurious enough and attracts attention, then you need to limit yourself to using other accessories. Well suited as a single-level, and two-level design with built-in lighting, which will give romance.


Glossy stretch ceiling in Children's room

Glossy stretch ceiling in the nursery gives the child a space for fantasy. This can be a photo print, a combination of two colors or a ceiling such as "Starry Sky." Whatever the design was not chosen, it must be borne in mind that the colors should not overstress the child and that, as he grows up, the drawings may bother him.


Glossy stretch ceiling in Hall way 

In the hallway it is better to use a single-level design with spot lighting. For narrow corridors the white color in combination with beige walls will approach. If the hallway is of medium size, then you can make a two-level concave stretch ceiling with a contrast glossy insert.


Glossy stretch ceiling in Bathroom

Glossy stretch ceiling in the bathroom is most often done in white, blue, or two-tier, where both colors are combined. It is not afraid of moisture, so it can be used to decorate the bathroom.

Advantages of order stretch ceilings in our company

Over the years, we have managed to develop a special style that determines the demand for our services. Among the advantages that distinguish our company from companies of similar profile, we distinguish the following:

  • The low cost of canvases. We can choose an inexpensive glossy stretch ceiling - the price per m² is sure to please. Having made a purchase in our company, you can save a considerable amount.
  • Professionalism of the brigade of installers. Ordering us glossy stretch ceilings, photos of which are presented in the catalog, you can not doubt the perfection of the installation works. The quality of the installation determines the long operating period of the glossy stretch fabric.
  • Deadlines. Our employees render all services in a high-quality and efficient manner, completing the projects on time. Therefore, you can rest assured that nothing will upset your plans.
  • A wide range of. If you do not know which glossy stretch ceilings are better, contact us. Experienced consultants will help to make the right choice, given the style features of your premises. In addition, if you are at a loss to choose a stretch ceiling glossy, a video with an overview of the most interesting solutions will help to simplify the task.
  • Equipment of additional services. We can order sound and heat insulation, installation of fixtures, drainage of water after flooding, restoration of damaged canvases, etc.


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