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Stretch ceilings in the bathroom

The bathroom is a very special room. The humidity level is almost always increased here. Different surfaces are affected by changing temperatures, steam, all kinds of chemically active substances.

Choosing materials for ceilings, it is very important to pay attention to the specifics of space. Stretch ceilings for the bathroom will be the best solution. They will relieve you of the need to constantly update the repair. This is due to the fact that such ceilings persistently withstand the effects of moisture, changing temperature regimes and other effects. They do not undergo proliferation of fungi and microorganisms. Even in the wettest bathrooms, the surfaces of the cloths remain flat and clean for a long time. In addition, under the roof of the ceiling you can hide all communications. You can always get high-quality lighting. Spot lights located on the ceiling will sparkle with millions of glare and reflect multifaceted surfaces.


PVC ceilings - the best solution for bathroom decoration

PVC ceilings are excellent for wet rooms. Low thermal conductivity ensures no condensation. At the same time, you get almost unlimited possibilities for decorating the space.

You can always visually enlarge the room. To do this, it is sufficient to place glossy ceilings. They will visually make the room bigger. Also, you can easily choose the right color solution. The range of the material is simply astounding. It is even more expanded due to the possibilities of photo printing. You can always create in the bathroom the atmosphere of a bungalow in the tropics or place over your head a luxurious starry sky.

The main advantages of stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Stretch ceilings are irreplaceable because they are able to protect your property. This is due to the fact that modern materials used to create surfaces:

  • withstand weight up to 100 kg per m2;
  • they are able to retain water and restore their original form;
  • easily dried.

In addition, stretch ceilings differ and other advantages. They:

  • well combined with any trim;
  • have a long service life;
  • are easy to install and can be dismantled in a short time.

Thus, it is the stretch ceilings that are the best solution for the bathroom. Beautiful, practical, wear-resistant, they will certainly please you for a long time!