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Historians argue that the era of stretch ceilings was born in Germany about 30 years ago. Then their triumphal progress began. First they took possession of Germany, then Europe, and today - and and now its in UAE and Middle East.

Stretch Ceilings are an innovation of the 21st century! Two words that mean a lot of possibilities! The technology, which takes only a few hours to install, can hide the unevenness of the ceiling, visually enlarge the room and change its interior beyond recognition!

The basis of this design is a PVC film. It depends on it such operational qualities as soundproofing and waterproofing. Choosing foil for stretch ceiling pvc, plunge into the world of bright palette, juicy colors and amazing color combinations. Correctly chosen color scale stretch ceiling can visually change the size of the room, improve lighting and dilute the interior with unique design solutions. At our site you have the opportunity to see and choose from catalogs the color range for stretch ceilings.

Choosing a stretch ceiling: we are looking for a balance of price and quality

Stretch ceiling can almost instantly transform the look of the room. Installation of this ceiling takes 2-3 hours and can be carried out both within the framework of capital or cosmetic repairs, and as an independent type of work. The canvas stretched on the frame has an aesthetic appearance, and if you show a little imagination, you can create a unique ceiling design, combining colors, textures and canvas levels.

The popularity of stretch ceilings is constantly growing. Today, the market presents a variety of options from Germany and European manufacturers. It's no secret that one of the obvious advantages of the stretch flow is its low cost. However, making it the main criterion of choice is still not worth it.

Types of stretch ceilings: which one to choose?

The general advantages of stretch ceilings, for which the mass consumer likes them, are obvious: such designs can be installed quickly at any time, care of them is extremely simple, the stretch ceiling can hide the wiring and other communications. If you live in an old house with uneven ceilings, which is extremely difficult to give due form to traditional methods, the stretch ceiling is the optimal solution to the problem.

Kinds of Materials.

The stretch ceiling can be made of PVC film or fabric. Film ceilings are cheaper, have less strength and are afraid of negative temperatures. However, they have one big advantage over the fabric - water resistance. Many people are familiar with the annoying situation, when the newly whitewashed ceiling is colored with yellowish divorces due to neighbors from the top, who arranged another flood. Some people have bad luck for life. Film tension ceiling not only successfully withstand the weight of spilled water, it can be pulled again and forget about the misunderstanding. Fabric stretch ceilings are resistant to cold weather, they are difficult to pierce with a sharp object. If desired, the fabric can be painted with acrylic paint.


PVC film can have a matte, glossy or satin surface.

  • Matte ceilings - a quiet classic option, suitable for any areas and interiors.
  • Glossy stretch ceiling advantageously fit into a minimalist interior or interior in high-tech style, visually expanding the area of ​​the room.
  • Satin texture - a compromise between matte and glossy: reflections in the ceiling are unobtrusive, blurred, give the interior a special tranquility, and the light from chandeliers is scattered, has no pronounced pattern. Satin texture is suitable for spacious rooms. Fabric fabrics are produced only in a matte version.

Presence of seams.

The seam on the ceiling canvas is a weak link in the structure. It is especially visible on a glossy surface. If the width of the canvas is not enough to create a seamless stretch ceiling, you can combine canvases of different colors to make the seam visually beaten, or make a multi-level ceiling, in different areas of which will be used solid sheets. The problem of creating a seamless ceiling is less likely to arise when choosing a fabric web, the width of which is 5 m or more, which allows covering large areas. The film for ceilings is more often issued in width from 1,5 to 3,2 m, however recently there are canvases with width in 5 miter.

Color solutions.

Kipno-white or ivory, blue, pink or even black - you just need to choose a color. If desired, in one ceiling, you can combine several colors or even order photo printing. Pastel colors are usually chosen for the living room and bedroom, with more vibrant you can experiment in the nursery or in the kitchen, a large spectacular drawing will be interesting to look in the hall or hallway, in the bathroom.

Lighting device.

In addition to classics with a chandelier in the center, stretch ceiling is the ability to easily install several light sources at different points or even arrange a "floating" version with LED lighting around the perimeter. "Floating" stretch ceilings have recently become fashionable in Europe and are gradually gaining popularity in ME. In such constructions the skeleton of the ceiling is removed from the walls for a short distance, which is illuminated by LED strips. Lighting can be monophonic or color. Previously, such design finds were the prerogative of expensive hotels and restaurants, and now this new type of stretch ceiling has also been used in living quarters.


  • One-level ceilings are universal, easy to install and suitable for almost any room. To create a spectacular interior, multi-level ceilings are often chosen, which can combine different materials and lighting options. Sometimes in this construction, plasterboard is also used.
  • Multi-level stretch ceiling can visually stretch or expand the room, divide it into zones.

The combination of different materials, colors, textures, lighting and designs makes it possible to create a unique stretch ceiling, which will become the "calling card" of your house.


Manufacturers of stretch ceilings

  Any design fantasy makes sense only with its qualitative embodiment. In this regard, inevitably raises the question of trust in the manufacturer of the stretch ceiling. Let's dwell on the features of the most popular domestic and imported products.

  • Germany. German stretch ceilings are a high-tech production and high quality characteristics of products. The main producer is Pongs. The width of rolls of Pongs film is 3.25 m, which makes it possible to create seamless coatings in most standard residential premises. The film is resistant to temperature changes. The company manufactures Descor fabric fabrics up to 5 m wide, which can be used to create seamless ceilings at home or in the office. A feature of Descor is the possibility of leaving with the usual detergents.
  •  France. The most famous brand is Clipso, which produces fabric fabrics with complex knitted weaving. They can be applied to realistic photo printing or acrylic painting. Clipso - this stretch ceilings of the highest quality, capable of serving more than 10 years.

Design of stretch ceilings - options:

  • Glossy stretch ceilings - more than 100 colors.
  • Matt and satin stretch ceilings - fidelity to traditions.
  • Back lighting stretch ceiling, which change the color and strength of the glow.
  • Floating stretch ceilings.
  • Art Photo printing on a stretch ceiling.
  • Stars on the ceiling ( starry sky )
  • Two-level stretch ceilings.
  • 3D stretch ceilings are concave and wavy.
  • Perforated stretch ceiling.
  • Spike different colors of the film in one level on the ceiling.
  • The combination of stretch ceiling with gypsum boards is the most popular solution!

Strangely enough, but our customers no longer want simple rectangular ceilings, thanks to our profiles, fantasy develops to a wide variety of configurations:

  • Wavy,
  • Two-level,
  • Multilevel,
  • Conical,
  • Curved in projections and so on.