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Stretch Ceiling Design

Ceiling trim - one of the most important tasks in the process of repair. Ideally, it should look perfect and exactly as long as possible to preserve the original appearance. These criteria fully meets the stretch PVC film, an impressive variety of textures and colors.

Popular ceilings are available in various colors, as well as matte, glossy, satin and other interesting textures, so that in recent years there has been an extraordinary fashion accent ceiling structures. You want to know what design of suspended ceilings should choose today? Here we have compiled the latest photo in 2016, which represent the best modern ideas on creating stylish interiors, where the ceiling is played not the last role. Enjoy reading!

Modern ideas on the design of suspended ceilings
A huge variety of design options with respect to ease of installation led to the fact that for many years the trend in the world were the ceilings of bright colors, as well as a dizzying combination of multi-level structure of the drywall and PVC film.

However, the trend in 2017 and 2018 show us that in the near future will be relevant any ideas on the ceiling design. Thus, preference was given to the sibling of a stretch ceiling with neat spotlights. Elegant matt and satin textures become desirable glossy, and among the colors are gaining popularity neutral and soft pastel colors.


Some more popular trends:

  1. Hidden LED lights, in particular creates the effect of "floating ceiling";
  2. Simple design recessed light fixtures, but with enhanced functions (energy conservation, ventilation, adjustable settings, etc.);
  3. Soft and rounded shapes stretch ceiling - for elegant design, as well as straight lines and sharp angles - for interiors in a contemporary style;
  4. Two-level stretch ceilings do not lose their popularity in the design of living room, as well as houses and apartments with an open layout. Today, however, their main role - not just decoration, but zoning space.
  5. Hanging long curtains from the ceiling - a cunning modern reception for interiors with a low ceiling, which allows you to visually increase the height of the room.


Now let's take a closer look with popular contemporary ideas on the design of stretch ceilings

The most popular design of stretch ceilings in 2018

Matt Stretch Ceiling 

Matte stretch ceiling - a real hit of the season. Indeed, what could be more elegant and at the same time suitable for everyone? Well ... except that chic "floating" ceiling with LED lighting on the perimeter.

This ceiling has excellent smooth surface, resembling stained plaster. Benefits of this design is the absence of reflections and refractions of light, as well as the complete invisibility of the joints, which are formed by soldering towel. High aesthetic qualities make matte ceilings indispensable in creating an elegant, classic interior.

Satin Stretch Ceiling 

This option can be called a compromise between matte and glossy stretch ceiling. Its main feature - a soft pearlescent sheen, giving the room a gentle glow of pearls or silk. The absence of sharp shadows satin coating allows to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for relaxation.

Glossy Stretch Ceiling (Mirror )

Glossy stretch ceiling - the best choice if you want to raise the height of the room visually and make it lighter. Regardless of color, this film is similar to the pure water surface, which reflects each photon illumination - like daylight and artificial.

The main feature of glossy of stretch ceilings - is the ability to reflect the interior of the room, which is enhanced with the choice of a darker hue. But the dark ceiling is not for everyone, so the modern idea of telling us to use soft beige and cream color glossy of stretch ceilings, as well as a combination of dark and light colors. In particular, the best choice in 2018 may be one of the following combination:

  • Black, white and gray;
  • Black, white and brown;
  • Beige and chocolate brown.

The original design of stretch ceilings with print

Not all of us will dare Set Colorful suspended ceiling with printed samples or drawings. But you can not deny the fact that this element does not only interior Comments unique but memorable, spectacular. In 2018, choose a modern design of stretch ceilings with natural and ethnic motifs.


Stretch ceilings in the interior of the living room: styles

Stretch ceilings in the living room may have different versions of the design, so their choice is very wide, which allows for any style of the living room to find a suitable solution.

Classic. Mat surface of the web combined with the traditional colors - white, beige, light gray create a magnificent backdrop for the classic interior design living room. You can use two-level design of suspended ceilings and the application of the higher of the drawings, echoing ceiling frescoes ancient interior.
Modern. Complex "Vegetable" line, clear boundaries, a combination of vibrant colors - all these features of the style can be reflected in the ceiling design.
Country. Flatten matt ceiling of one tonne - the best choice for the "popular" design style of the room.
Ethnics. African, Indian and other exotic options of interior design can also be used ceilings. In this case, they can be combined with wood ceiling panels, complemented by national ornaments, sophisticated decor.
Minimalism. Plain ceilings, white or light beige, blue, gray tones, located on the same level as the best suited to this laconic style. They can be both matte and glossy, depending on the design problems with the design of the living room.
Hi-tech. Glossy fabrics and fabrics with stain "on the metal" will underline the selected style and will look harmonious with the other pieces of furniture.

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen and living room

Quite often, in an apartment with an open-plan living room combined in one volume with a kitchen - it's convenient, visually living room seem more spacious. In this case, the main design task - to visually divide the area where food is prepared and a living area. Usually this problem is solved by using color and texture of finishing materials - paint or wallpaper for the walls and floor and ceiling coverings. Often the floor in the kitchen area is raised on a podium, or, on the contrary, is lowered to the floor in the living room.

The use of suspended ceilings will emphasize the zoning, and it can be done in different ways.

Color. The ceiling can be positioned in the same level, but to do it in different colors, for example, above the living room "part" it is traditionally white, and over the kitchen - the color of the kitchen furniture.
Height. Location suspended ceilings at different levels will also help to emphasize the zoning in the living room with kitchen. In this zone can be allocated as a simple geometric shape, and complicated rounded. A higher level, as a rule, have in the living area, the lower - in the kitchen area, which is quite justified, because that is where usually have to hide duct and pipe.
Stretch ceilings in the kitchen-living room is usually made of PVC, because caring for them is easier than fabric, and ceilings in the rooms where food is prepared, get dirty faster.

The lighting in the living room with a stretch ceilings

Design light circuit for suspended construction has some features that take into account properties of the webs of which are made ceilings. PVC film has high strength but softens at higher temperatures, which is used in its assembly.

However, the operation of lamps, produce heat, can lead to deformation of the web and its ugly sagging, so it is recommended to use them for energy-saving bulbs, including LED. The film does not allow to mount chandeliers and other lighting fixtures directly to her, fixing must be equipped before its installation, and painting to make a hole in the places where they are located attachment.

Standard lighting options are as follows:

Central. The chandelier in the geometric center of the room provides general lighting. Typically, the design used in conjunction with floor and wall lamps.

Spot. Lamps are placed in different zones of the seating according to the scheme provided for seating design. They use energy-saving lamps that consume little energy and almost no heat that can distort the ceiling covering.

Contour. Backlight LED strip can accentuate the contours of a multi-level ceiling, or create the impression of "floating" ceiling if attach it to the ledge that visually make the room above. The tape provides a "cold" peace without deforming the sheet, which, moreover, it can be any color, and change the mood owners of the apartment.

Raster. Lamps equipped with reflective plates give a very bright light, and appropriate only in large rooms.

Hanging lamps for ceilings in the living room

The most suitable lights are point - they provide a uniform illumination, virtually no heat, and allow to effectively identify functional areas, thus also saving electricity.

Spotlights can be any shape and size, all determined by the design of the room. Chandeliers are important decorative elements of interior room, but their choice in the case of suspended ceilings has its own characteristics. If the lamps in the chandeliers are located close to the ceiling, ceiling must be directed to the side or down to reduce heat load on the web.