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Stretch Ceiling Advantages and Disadvantages


Here we show you Why you need to change your Gypsum ceiling for new Stretch Ceiling !

Stretch Ceiling compare to other ceilings  

Characteristics Painted  ceiling Suspended ceiling Plasterboard ceilings Stretch Ceiling
Preliminary preparation of premises Dusty work is necessary Dusty work is necessary Dusty work is necessary Removal of objects sensitive to heat over      40 C
Preliminary preparation of the main ceiling It requires preparation not requires preparation It requires preparation not requires preparation


2-5 years 4-8 years When using the best materials - up to 10 years More than  15 years 
Operational properties possible the appearance of cracks and delamination of plaster possible the appearance of cracks and change color possible the appearance of cracks , delamination of plaster and change color ideal preservation of look and durability
Protection against water absent absent absent can withstand up to 100 liters. water for 1 sq.m.
Minimum distance from the main ceiling no 5 cm 7 cm 4 cm
Fire  resistance fire  resistant

burn, there are expensive type fire resistant

burn even heat-resistant fire  resistant
Obvious disadvantages when working (installation) dust, dirt, construction debris, removal of furniture dust, dirt, construction debris, removal of furniture dust, dirt, construction debris, removal of furniture absent
Installation time (for rooms up to 15 sq.m.) 5-7 days 2-3 days 5-10 days 3-4 hours
Installation location in all premises except for rooms with high humidity except for rooms with high humidity

in all premises, except for rooms where temperatures are above 50 ° C

Warranties  1 year 1 years 1 year 10 years


Stretch Ceiling Advantages

  • An original and pleasing look of the ceiling, made by stretching;
  • A wide variety of various colors and textures, able to satisfy the wishes of any one;
  • The ability to mask significant shortcomings on the surface of the ceiling (such a system is guaranteed to hide both architectural flaws in the ceiling and engineering communication structures);
  • Excellent practicality (during the operation the product retains aesthetic and functional parameters with the possibility of simple care of the surface);
  • Reliability of the construction (it is made of modern solid PVC film, which keeps its shape unchanged and under the influence of large loads);
  • The general safety of the product (the film is waterproof, there is no condensation under it);
  • Fire safety of the product;
  • Versatility (originality and huge assortment allows you to design the design of any room, from the office to the bathroom);
  • The design allows you to experiment with different types of lighting (you can prefer the chandelier, or choose the LED lighting option, turning the ceiling in the room into the night sky with stars or any other lighting system).
  • Ease of installation. The technology of installing such a ceiling is quite simple, and for the work required a minimum set of equipment. Therefore, even an amateur can cope with the installation of a film on the ceiling of the simplest form.
  • Reliability. PVC film perfectly copes with the impact of moisture, temperature changes, dust and other negative factors. Moreover, the material does not lose its color saturation and smoothness even after long years of operation.
  • Ease of purification. Even if your ceiling gets dirty, you can always wash it using a damp cloth. If strong contaminants are present, the stains can be wiped off using a mild soap solution.
  • Variety of design. In the manufacturer's catalog one can find monophonic canvases, as well as varieties decorated with a variety of prints. Moreover, stretch ceilings can be combined with plasterboard, giving the owner of an apartment the possibility of creating an original interior.
  • The material from which tension ceilings are made - polyvinyl chloride, is not a biological material, it is not digested by any organisms. And this means that molds will never appear on stretch ceilings, even in very high humidity conditions.
  • Stretch ceilings have a high elasticity, so when shrinking the building with years on the ceiling will never appear cracks.
  • Do not fade with time.
  • Resistant to flooding. In case of flooding by neighbors from above, the canvas simply stretches out with a bubble and retains a rather large volume of water up to 100 liters per square meter. It will be enough just to pump out the water and the ceiling will take the same shape
  • Under the suspended ceiling, you can hide any structures, ventilation boxes, bumps, wires. In this way, it is absolutely not necessary to trowel the tubules for wiring, ventilation, there is no need for any leveling of the surface, everything is simply closed by a stretch ceiling. In case you need to repair the wiring, the canvas is simply removed and then returned back, with full preservation of the original appearance.
  • PVC has the property not to accumulate static electricity - so it does not attract dust and does not require constant care.
  • Stretch ceiling is absolutely ecological, fireproof, does not absorb odors. It can be installed in children's rooms.
  • As for the bathroom, it is known from the school physics course that moisture condenses on colder surfaces. The stretch ceiling film heats up to the ambient temperature very quickly and therefore does not accumulate condensate. The bathroom and the toilet look very glossy.
  • Mounting the stretch ceiling does not require removal of furniture and can be carried out on a clean, which significantly saves power and time. After installation it is enough just to vacuum the floor and do the usual wet cleaning.
  • For comparison, the installation of a 20 square meter ceiling in a standard room is carried out literally for a couple of hours to full readiness, which saves considerable time.
  • Even matte, not to mention the gloss, its does not steal but instead increases space.
  • Has a perfectly flat surface, which can not be achieved whitewashing or painting. For example, a matt white stretch ceiling looks just like an ideal whitened normal ceiling.
  • Resistant to fading and aging allows you to give a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Stretch Ceiling compare to Gypsum Board Ceiling 

Comparison Parameter Stretch Ceiling  Gypsum board Ceiling 
Beauty + -
Practicality + -
Price - +
Durability without maintenance  + -
Hiding irregularities of the ceiling + -
Moisture resistance + -
Ability to create complex shapes and designs + -
Resistance to mechanical damage - -
Abundance of colors and style solution + -
Instalation Time  + -
Warranty  + -
Dast wile installation  + -